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Hershey Medical Center ALS Clinic

I have been asked, as a person with ALS, to try and tell

About a clinic in Hershey that my family and I know so well.

It is a clinic for PALS to come and meet pros with skill

To help with the problems one is facing now or ever will.

At the helm of this ALS clinic, is a most uncommon man,

He is a doctor, to be sure, but other things make me his fan.

He is sensitive and caring and has chosen a good crew,

A management tool known to many and practiced by few.

ALS is a nasty disease but out of it have come some laughs,

And we have met people like Doctor Simmons and his staff.

Nurse Walsh, Cindy and Shelly immediately come to mind,

Ryan, Jessica, Sandra and Tami, good folks of the same kind.

It seems to us wherever we travel in the growing ALS span,

That we continue to meet folks that are the nicest in the land.

Like Ellyn Phillips and that great Philadelphia Chapter crowd,

So helpful and caring, Ellyn, they must make you very proud.

MDA also sends nice folks to the clinic to lend their support,

providing funds for neuromuscular causes is their forte.

Even medical suppliers have, in most cases, been diligent and good,

This entire ALS community, luckily, is like a giant brotherhood.

For us, the start of it all is Dr. Zach Simmons and this Hershey clinic,

He is a great man and it is a place many others should try and mimic,

Congratulations on the fifth anniversary of this much needed place,

If you think this clinic doesn�t make me happy, just look at my face.

Dr. Simmons, you, your clinic, the people named and many others,

Are giving hope, the only chance for me, my ALS sisters and brothers.

Thanks to all of you who for starting this clinic had the inclination,

My family and I think it is the top of the line in this entire nation.

Bruce W. Zimmerman




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