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ALS Will Not Defeat the Spirit In Me


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ALS Will Not Defeat the Spirit In Me

My family and I are heading down a road,

That has a difficult end, we are often told.

But no one has any guarantees in this life,

And all experience sorrow, pain and strife.

We choose to meet our problems head on,

And we will enjoy encounters one by one.

We are on a mission to defeat my disease,

Listening to Mom and Pop, if you please.

We can do this and we will not quit now.

So join us, enjoy life as we keep our vow.  

ALS will be conquered as you will see,

I will not let ALS defeat the spirit in me. 

Bruce W. Zimmerman
CEO, B.W. Zimmerman & Associates, Inc.
and PALS (person with ALS)  



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