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Happy Holidays


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Happy Holidays 2000

This is a poem to wish to all employees and friends

Health, happiness and good cheer that never ends.

You have made coming to work at BWZA a true joy,

We try to have fun along the way, and do, oh boy!

Season�s Greetings and all of that kind of blather,

Didn�t seem like enough for people who matter.

So I decided to tell you all how I feel with a rhyme.

And this dinner tonight seemed to be the right time.

I will start the role with the Eckers, Carol and Mike,

No one knows any better than he how to work on a Pike.

Off we now go to family, the Lavertys, Jody and Dick,

We would be lost without her, our marketing chick.

Then we have the flower of the group, Lilley, Jane,

She does everything, taking care of me in the main.

Now to other friends, the Verneys, Jackie and Tom,

She tries to keep us from stepping into a legal bomb.

From Massachusetts afar, the Walsh's, Rachel and Dave,

To getting it installed and working perfectly, he is a slave.

The Wilsons have been just a special pair of good friends,

And without his unique knowledge we would be at wit�s end.

Of course the Zimmermans bring up the end, Peg and Scott.

Since he became the President, of him we expect quite a lot.

Then one person I love and to whom I owe the most in this life,

How lucky I am for forty-seven years to have Joan as my wife.

So please accept this little poem from me as an expression

And confession of my love, happiness and true appreciation,

Of all of the things all of you do to keep my dream alive,

The best from all that has made BWZA continue to thrive.

by Bruce W. Zimmerman
December 3, 2000



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