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Michael Ecker Sr.


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Harrisburg Area Community College, Continuing Education courses in Mathematics and Computer Science

Penn State University, Clinical Psychology Major, 3 years

Carmelite Novitiate, Williamstown, MA, Majored in Philosophy and Theology, 1965

St. Albert's Preparatory School, Middletown, Received diploma from New York State Board of Regents, New York State Department of Education and St. Bonaventure University Affiliate Preparatory, 1965

Current Position

Senior Associate  Mr. Ecker is responsible for design review, including hardware and software. In addition, he has assisted with observation of installation and testing activities, including factory tests, environmental tests, field tests, prototype demonstration and testing, end-to-end and system acceptance testing.

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Ecker was a member of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) and presented several times at workshops, including Cleveland, Ohio, Dearborn, Michigan, and Key Biscayne, Florida.

Prior Professional Experience

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC or the Commission, 1968 to 1999)

Director of Operations - Fare Collection (May 1992 to June 1999). Mr. Ecker directed the coordination of the operations efforts of the Fare Collection Department. He oversaw the supervision of the contracted field support service contracts and directed the work efforts of the Fare Collection Operations Support Team.

Operations Coordinator (April 1989 to May 1992). Mr. Ecker monitored and analyzed the operations for the Fare Collection Department. He served as a technical information services resource and acted as a liaison to other departments within the Commission. He coordinated and implemented all projects within the department including new and reconstruction projects.

Assistant Deputy Executive Director (August 1985 to April 1989)

Mr. Ecker assisted in planning and directing the operations of the Fare Collection Department, personnel requirements, budget preparation, training manuals and programs, fiscal maters, employee contracts, procedures and regulations within the department, physical inspections of interchanges, and review of all plans and specifications for new and reconstruction projects in interchanges.

While the Assistant Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Ecker was responsible for the Fare Collection Department that consisted of 900 Collectors, 44 Assistant Managers, 5 District Managers, and 3 Superintendents. The revenues collected by this department amounted to $255 million annually with an operating budget of approximately $42 million a year.

In addition, Mr. Ecker worked extensively with consultants and engineers to accomplish the following: develop scope of work, pick selection committees and direct their efforts in developing specifications, review and critique submittals of plans and specifications, and approve invoices for payment.

Areas of endeavor included traffic analysis, fare structures, toll system requirements, budget preparations, and all interchange construction.

Duty Officer (while in above position)

Mr. Ecker administered the operation of the Turnpike when incidents occurred which impacted upon the normal operation of the Turnpike System including public communications to mass media as appropriate. He acted on behalf of the Executive Director during his absence or unavailability. This includes coordination with political subdivision officials when decisions may affect their community and directing communications with mass media including press releases and interviews. In addition, Mr. Ecker was a member of the Incident Management Committee. He directed the PTC staff, Pennsylvania State Police, and outside agencies when necessary during crisis situations.

Toll Recording Equipment Coordinator (November 1968 to August 1985)

Mr. Ecker's responsibilities in the Engineering department included: administrative and technical responsibility for the proper installation and operation of all toll recording and associated equipment including the management of the maintenance contract; acting as advisor and liaison between the PTC and vendors (including maintenance contractors), planning and supervising the installation of toll equipment in new construction, and reviewing plans and specifications for interchange construction. Mr. Ecker started with the PTC as Chief Clerk of Facilities in November of 1968.

Additional Significant Accomplishments:

Developed the Specifications for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's first coin-basket equipment for a Weigh Barrier system.

Developed the Specifications for the Maintenance Contract for the Toll Systems, Facilities Management Systems, Electric Arrow Signs, and Variable Message Boards. Was Project Manager for the Advertisement, Bidding and Evaluation Process for the award of this Contract. Prepared the Specifications for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's first coin-basket barrier system. Was Project Manager for this Contract.

Managed the Operations and Maintenance of the Toll System for fifteen years. System Operations included performing requirements analysis and needs assessment, providing for system expansions, and integrating system specifications into physical expansion designs. System maintenance included ensuring contract compliance by maintenance contractor who was responsible for corrective, emergency and preventive maintenance efforts.

Team member responsible for the creation of specifications to replace the existing electrical-mechanical toll system with a microprocessor-based toll system incorporating a network consisting of seventy-six DEC 11/23 plaza computers and an 11/44 Host.

Managed the first complete refurbishment of the IBM ticket system consoles and remote recorders. Served as liaison for the PTC to consultants and contractors while managing the toll system replacement project. Provided public information communications for community relations. Duties were concurrent with managing responsibilities for the existing system.

Chairman responsible for implementing the installation of the current system. Current system was interfaced while the former toll system was in operation.

Co-produced the Maintenance On-line Management System (MOMS) for the current toll system that resulted in the PTC's first copyright.

Implemented the PTC's first magnetic stripe card control center, which produces all charge, non-revenue and function cards.

Supplemental Information

Communicated with state and local political representatives regarding concerns of their constituents.

Developed correspondence for the PTC Chairman's response to inquiries and complaints from various state officials and dignitaries.

Attended State Senate Transportation Committee Hearings pertaining to Turnpike business.

Committee member for the development of the Commission's five-year plan.

Expert witness for the FBI and Commonwealth cases involving the use of the Turnpike system.

Directed work effort of the Commission and Pennsylvania Bureau of Standards, Weights and Measures to obtain Type Approval from the Bureau for the Commission's dynamic weighing classification system. First in 1972 for the original system and then again in 1987 for the current ALTA system. The result was that the PTC became the owner of the first approved dynamic weighing system.




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