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My Friend Harold


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In Memory of my Special Friend, Harold L. Bedsaul

He fought the good fight we all knew that he would to the end.

I had only a short time to know this fine gentleman as a friend.

From the first time we met, in Longwood Gardens at a lunch,

I knew that Harold was a person one would want in a crunch.

 We shared ALS news, funny jokes and stories on the internet,

We shared the progress of our nasty disease, on that you can bet.

Harold and Marianne went to Hawaii and he was sorely missed.

When they returned home, his e-mails were printed and kissed.

Then during the holiday season of last year came some bad news,

Harold was ill and in the hospital, we all had a case of the blues.

The internet was humming and requesting special prayers for him,

We seemed to get our wish, Harold was back full of vigor and vim.

When we corresponded on the net, though he had difficulty talking,

He could type up a storm. Me, I have problems typing and walking.

So Harold would give me the full story, every chapter and verse,

But my letters and replies were short and sweet, maybe even terse.

 He fought ALS with dignity, courage and humor with such ease,

These are the only real weapons we have against this nasty disease.

Harold knew those that he loved bore the pain, turmoil and concern

Of all of the things that were happening to him at every twist and turn.

He was a hero in a thankless war fought against an unknown cause,

Trying his very best to shield all of his loved ones without any pause.

Yet, he as all warriors, no matter how strong, will finally need a rest.

Harold truly earned his peace and now he resides with God�s blest.

By Bruce W. Zimmerman
CEO, B.W. Zimmerman & Associates
Person with ALS (PALS)
May 7, 2001



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