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Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS)


Jody Laverty is BWZA's representative to the Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS). The WTS is a national organization for career professionals in the transportation industry. For more information on the WTS, please visit their Web site at



Founded in 1977, WTS is a national organization of transportation professionals dedicated to advancing the voice and professional development of people in the transportation industry. Boasting more than 3,000 women and men, 34 chapters across the United States provide comprehensive support and a unique empowerment network. Crossing all levels and disciplines, WTS provides unparalleled access to top-level decision makers and government regulators for each member, creating an invaluable, ongoing round table for professional exchange. What began as the coordinated effort of 40 women in Washington, D.C. to develop �industry and government recognition of the increasing involvement of women in transportation� has evolved into the preeminent, multimodal transportation organization known today as WTS.



WTS sets a benchmark for professional development through innovative programs, awards and scholarships, and corporate and VIP receptions. Members are empowered through formal and informal mentoring programs, a job bank, professional development programs, annual national conferences, monthly local programs, a national director and a Women/Minority-Owned & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (W/M/DBE) directory and a comprehensive program that guides and assists women in obtaining senior positions in national, state, and local transportation agencies, as well as on private corporate and governmental boards.



Members serve as role models to the future, sponsoring outreach programs in high schools, colleges and universities throughout the country. Through internships, a mentoring program, career days, funding for educational necessities, and a comprehensive scholarship program, a new generation of transportation professionals is challenged and empowered. WTS provides opportunity, access and diversity to all men and women.



Jody Laverty has been a member of WTS for 4 years and has served on the Board as the first Public Relations Chairman in the Philadelphia Chapter since 1999, where she has helped increase membership and awareness of the organization through her PR efforts. For more information regarding WTS and its Philadelphia Chapter, please contact Jody at



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